Saturday, July 21, 2012

June 25, 2012 Arco, ID and Craters of the Moon

We finally arrived at Arco, ID in the middle of nowhere.  I believe the population of the town was around 245 people.  We booked a night at the KOA in their two room cabin.  The kids loved it.  The next morning we were off to visit the Craters of the Moon.  Craters of the moon was created by basaltic and Rhyolitic lavas. The kids had a blast exploring the land scape and the cool lava tube caves that were formed.

Unfortunately, we learned why it is sometimes better not to take the Grandparents on vacation.  There was a family with two boys that arrived as we were loading up to leave the first touring area of The Craters of the Moon.  At this area there were tons of signs that tell visitors to please not remove anything and to stay on all marked paths as you can easily ruin the natural landscape if you veer off trail.  The whole time these boys were running wild and not following the signs.  We moved on to the next walking trail down the road.  As we finished our walk the same family pulled into the parking lot.  The boys were once again running wild and not following the signs.  My Dad pipes up and says what a bunch of idiots.  T then pipes up and says "hi, idiots."   Let's just say this was the first incident of many to come.

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