Saturday, July 21, 2012

June 27, 2012 Yellowstone Day 1

We finally made it to Yellowstone.  What an awesome place with such beauty.  The kids were so excited as they wanted to see a "buffalant".  We entered through the West Yellowstone entrance and drove to Madison.  We stopped off at the ranger station, where the kids picked up their jr. ranger booklets to fill out during our time there, so they could earn their patches.  We decided to head north to Norris where we walked the Porcelain Basin.  The hydro thermal features were awesome even though a little stinky.  We then made it to Mammoth village where we toured the Terraces and made our way into the village for a quick treat. While we were there we were able to get a close up view of Mammoth Village's own resident Elk herd. From there, we left the open meadows and drove into the forests as we made our way toward the Tower-Roosevelt area, then to canyon village and back towards Norris and the West Yellowstone exit.  We saw lots of buffalo, elk and we were lucky enough to see a coyote fairly close up.  It was a really long day, as we didn't make it back to the cabin until almost 10 p.m. that night.  While we enjoyed Yellowstone for the day, Flat Grandpa Stanley decided to take a day of rest.  Ok, the truth is we forgot him.  Not on purpose, but trying to get 7 people out the door with enough food and water for the day is a feat in itself.

Porcelain Basin
Porcelian Basin
upper terrace
upper terrace
Mammoth Village resident elk herd

petrified tree


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