Sunday, August 12, 2012

In Ethiopia, Sunday August 11, 2012

Russ and I arrived safely in Ethiopia Friday evening.  Sat. morning we were able to finally see K. What an amazing moment when the nanny brought him out and placed him in my arms.  Unfortunately, the poor guy looked pretty shell shocked.  We went into the visiting room and he finally noticed Russ and recognized him. He preferred Russ to hold him over this crazy woman he did not know. :)  We ended up playing pass the baby between us as he became use to me.  He never fussed at all you could just tell from his face he was thinking who is this strange woman.  At the end of the session I was able to feed him a bottle and he snuggled right in.  When we arrived for our afternoon session, he was all smiles and coos. He recognized both of us and was delighted to see us.  He loved being snuggled and receiving lots of kisses.  It is such a blessing how loved the children are at the foster home.  It is so comforting to know that K is use to receiving so much love and does not try to avoid it.

At this morning's visiting session K was once again delighted to see us.  He can't receive enough kisses and loves.  He has even started leaning forward toward us to receive them.  It is such a blessing to spend this time with him even though every day we spend with him will make it that much harder to leave.

Our days consist of life inside of a bubble with the other couples at the guest house.  Our schedule pretty much consists of waking up in the morning and being downstairs by 9 a.m. for breakfast and socializing.  Then we have a few minutes to gather our things and then we are off to the foster home for visiting from 10-12.  After that we come back to the guest house where lunch is waiting.  After lunch is a time for relaxing and resting before we had back to the foster home for visiting from 3-5.  After visiting we head back to the guest house for dinner and most people are off to their room for sleep by 7 p.m.    Adjusting to the time change is very challenging.

On August 14, 2012 we have our court date with two other families here.  Once we pass court K will finally be legally ours.  We can't wait to share photos of him with all our family and friends.

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