Wednesday, September 19, 2012


The latest update on the status of our case is not looking good.  We were submitted September 4th to embassy and they finished screening our file September 17.  That same morning we found out that Embassy wants to interview Kef's finder.  This is concerning to us as we had hired a private investigator to document and interview Kef's history, the police officer he was turned into and the person who found him.  Our investigator turned his report into embassy so it has been sitting in our file.  The reason we are concerned is that two other families moving through the process with us hired the same investigator and their files had basically the same information as ours, private investigation report, children from the same area and orphanage, and they all cleared in two days with no further request of information.  We are bewildered at what the Embassy feels they will gain from interviewing our finder that wasn't already addressed in the report.  To make things worse the Embassy hasn't had the common courtesy to reply to our Agency's email request for our finder interview to be on September 24.  At this time we are left in limbo while our hearts are breaking as a severe upper respiratory infection has been going around the foster home.

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