Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Day of School

Tuesday September 11 was Tyler's first day of 2nd grade and Wednesday September 12 was Allison's first day of Kindergarten.  Both kids love their teachers and classmates.  Tyler was able to identify a mysterious bug his teacher found on her patio after researching with his Uncle Dave after school.  He was able to tell her it was a cucumber bug and how it was bad for the garden.  Allison enjoyed her first week of Kindergarten learning about nursery rhymes.  One day they made the old woman who lived in a shoe and the next they made wishing stars that are hanging up in her classroom.  Allison's wish is for Kefyalew to come home as soon as possible.

We finished off the week by harvesting some of our garden.  The kids were able to pick their pumpkins.  We are not sure if Tyler is going to be allowed to grow pumpkins again though? See picture below if you think you can handle it. :)

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