Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hats galore and diaper covers

To respect the Ethiopian culture of making sure the kids are always bundled up to keep them warm, I decided to try to find Kef some hats we could use for him when we went back over to pick him up.  After I wasn't able to find any I liked, I decided to knit him some. After I found out that it only took me a few hours to knit a hat up I decided to knit hats to donate to the foster home to keep me sane during this wait period.  I used the same pattern I used for Kef's hat for the boys and found a cute pattern for the girls.  My plan is to try to knit as many hats as I can until we fly over for Embassy.

The  bear hats I knitted for Kef

Hats for the girls in Toddler and infant size

Russ and I were able to check out Cotton Babies for the diaper covers.  After much discussion we decided to purchase the Ecobum diaper covers for the older babies as they should have chubbier thighs and not need it as tight around the thigh to prevent leaks.  Cotton Babies is going to be contacting their warehouse and see if they can get in 27 newborn and 27 small LiteWrap diaper covers before we have to travel to Ethiopia and see if they can work out a discount for us.
27 Ecobum diaper covers for the foster home!

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