Wednesday, November 28, 2012

6 weeks home

It has been a busy couple of weeks.  During this time Kefyalew has been growing by leaps and bounds.  He now sits up perfectly with no worries of him falling over.  Due to this he has graduated to taking baths without his bath seat.  He has found he can now make huge splashes as his arms have free access to the water.  Let's just say I really should wear a poncho while bathing him.  He has finally learned that he is in control of his environment and can manipulate it so he is finally army crawling and getting faster by the day.  He has found the water dish for the kitties and loves to play in it.  You turn around for a moment and the next thing you know he is there.  He also is in love with the vacuum cleaner.  For some reason he will crawl after it while I am vacuuming and then complain loudly when it is turned off.  Kef can also stand up holding on to items.  It is amazing his progress as the little boy we picked up in Ethiopia turned to jello if you tried standing him on your legs and could sit up but was not stable.  It feels like he gains a pound a day and his hair is getting so long.  Yesterday when I picked Allison up from school one of the boys in her class asked me if that was the same baby we had before Thanksgiving.  He is changing that fast.

For Thanksgiving we went home to Coos Bay.  The 4 hours car ride went really well.  He mostly slept with a brief period of complaining in between.  He seems to have accepted the car seat is a fact of life.  He handled meeting all the new relatives fairly well.  We kept him with us and took our lead from him.  On Saturday we drove up to Corvallis for the Civil War game and Kef's first Beaver game.  He was a real trooper and handled it well.  His only complaint was he didn't like being under the poncho during the rain.

We finished off the weekend by going out and cutting down our Christmas tree with our friends at a u-cut tree farm we visit every year.  He thought we were all crazy and didn't understand why he couldn't have the saw.

I am so humbled and blessed to see God's love expressed through our two older children.  They have embraced Kef and love him with a pure heart.  They never tire of playing with him, holding him, playing pick up over and over again when he drops his toys, they love to make him laugh and have extreme patience when he is fussing.  Even though they are not receiving as much attention as before they are so happy he is home.  The first thing they do when they see him after school is immediately go to him and give him kisses.  If Russ picks Allison up from school for me she will walk in the door, drop her book bag and make a bee line for Kef.  She will then pick him up and say, "Kef I'm home from school now. Did you miss me?".

Overall, I think we are doing well.  We are slowly figuring out his eating (let's say he dislikes a lot more things than he likes) and he is sleeping about 4 hours at a time during the night.  He has learned the sign language for milk (bottle) and all done.  He will tell us all done anytime we do something he doesn't care for like diaper changes and wiping his nose.  He prefers myself and Russ over anybody else so we are taking that as a good sign.  At this time he is definitely a momma's boy.
Hanging out with my brother

I'm taking you down

Yep, we are crazy

Loving my tea party

Papa makes me silly

sad the beavers lost

but the yummy food made up for it

tailgating in the van with our friends
playing outside

Really, I can't have the saw.  That is no fair.
One tree in two more to go. Hmm will we all still fit?


  1. So glad he is doing well! He looks like he loves his brother and siter so much! What a blessing!

  2. Very much looking forward to meeting your son! What a blessing it sounds as though he has been to your family. See you in a couple weeks.