Monday, November 5, 2012

Home two weeks

We've been home two weeks now.  Kefyalew has made great progress in some areas and is struggling in others.  He is able to sit up really well, loves to splash his legs in the bath, play peek a boo, stands up with us holding him and his brother and sister adore him.  He also loves his fuzzy bunz diapers.  At his doctor appointment on Tuesday he was deemed to be in good health and was at 16.2 lbs.

Unfortunately, Russ brought a nasty bug into the house at the end of last week that has been making its way around the family.  I'm not sure if Kefyalew being sick has made things regress or if it a combination effect.  At this time he always wants to be held and only by me, he freaks out if you lay him down asleep, is no longer happy playing on the floor with his toys, fusses all day long and is back to sobbing at night.  He is also teething like crazy.  He is our little drooling chew monster. :) I know with the sickness that has been going around our house we are not meeting his needs to the best of our ability as at times I have had to put him down while I go help Allison throw up in the bathroom.

I'm longing for the day when we can be a happy household again with a workable schedule.  I'm just thankful that my Mom has been able to stay with us all this time so I haven't completely lost my mind.  It is amazing how helpful an extra pair of hands can be.

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  1. So sorry you guys have been passing around the icky sick! Hoping you all are better very soon. That is truly wonderful that your Mom is able to be there. Such a blessing. I am loving this blog to keep updated on how things are going. These photos are too cute. Love the bath ones. Keeping your family in my prayers. Take care, Candice