Monday, November 12, 2012

Three weeks home

Wow, we have been home for three weeks.  Unfortunately, Kef has been sick for 90% of it.  After surviving the stomach bug that went around the house Kefyalew and Allison came down with Russ' nasty cold and have been fighting thick mucus and a bad cough.

Our little guy seems to be bonding well.  He prefers myself or Russ over anyone else even with my Mom who was here for three weeks.  The kids are still completely in love with him.  Tyler has been a big help holding him or bringing him to us when he starts fussing while playing.  Allison loves to play with him and even though she is missing her mommy and I can tell she feels she isn't getting enough time with me she is still so happy her brother is home and has shown him nothing but love.

Kef is really starting to thrive.  He seems to be getting heavier by the day even though he isn't eating as much as before due to the nasty cold.  We've decided to completely stop the solid foods and wait until he is fully recovered to try again.  The foster home said they were feeding him solid food three times a day but at this time he does not love it and makes the funniest faces when he is given it.  He also has a very sensitive gag reflex.  Russ gave him one dissolving teething tablet and he choked on it so I have a feeling we will be in stage one baby food for awhile.  He loves his bath with out the bath seat as he can splash so much more effectively.  He loves splashing so much I now have to hold a towel in front of myself so I'm not taking a bath with him.  He can scoot backwards and is trying to crawl when motivated.  He also is starting to stand when holding on the couch when we place him there and stand behind him. Once things settle down it looks like he is going to fit perfectly into our crazy family.  He loves to make lots of noise and be loud.  I have a feeling he will keep us on our toes once he becomes mobile.

A few things we have noticed is that he has no patience when it comes to food.  Instead of the normal minor fussing a child will do when they start to become hungry for him it is a full out scream.  We are sure this is probably due to him being deprived of enough food due to his background circumstances.  He also has no patience.  If a toy falls out to his reach it is immediate frustration and screaming.  He has found that he has a voice and that we listen to it. It didn't take him long to make use of it. :)  As for sleep he sleeps for about 4 hours at a time before waking up for another bottle.  Hoping once he is completely well we can increase it to 6 hours at a stretch.

Now, we just need a bigger bed as 5 in our queen bed last night plus a cat was quite entertaining.  After the kids fell asleep Russ snuck out to find more comfortable accommodations in Tyler's bed.  It seems that Kef knows a good thing when he has found it.  I don't think he is going to give up co-sleeping any time soon. :)

5 in the bed and the little one said

Still loving my Jumper-roo

Yep, that sums up the OSU loss to Stanford

Sporting my Ethiopian shirt

Playing kitchen with my Sister!

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